"  Villa Du Castel"

At the border of the "Cevennes"and the "Georges de l'Ardeche"

To see and do locally

'Hike your view' from Villa du Castel

Chateau de Montalet is only a 6 min drive (3.7km). Parking is available in front of Sport Bar Chez Philippe 6 Place de la Borie, 30410 Molieres-sur-Ceze.  Getting a tour once you reach the top is a total bonus, bring cash, call ahead

+33 (0)4 66 24 19 79

'Chill out underground' in a 35 million year old cave

Grotte de la Cocaliere is an 11 min drive (9.5 km). Parking is free, 30500 Courry.  As hot as it is in the summer time, bring something warm to put on once you are in the cave because, by nature, it's COLD


Kayak/Canoe the Ceze River

Cap Canoe is an 8 min drive (5.9 km).  Parking is free,  Route de Barjac, 30500 Saint-Ambroix. They provide water tight containers to keep your goods dry and transportation back to your car is included in the price.  As important as sun block is, a hat, sunglasses, and light long sleeved shirt seem more effective against getting burned on this relaxing trip on the water.  Don't forget your river shoes.


Eat local cuisine with 'a view you can swim in'

Guinguettes are AWESOME!  Fresh food, local wines, unique locations, and summer fun. Don't be afraid to get wet, and again, don't forget your sunblock/hat/sunglasses and river shoes. Dirt road and fond memories guaranteed. Cash only, call ahead for reservations.

Guinguette de Berguerolles (8 min drive - 5.9km) - 89 Route de Barjac, 30500 Saint-Ambroix  +33 (0)7 69 17 11 77

Guinguette de Moulin Roc Tombe (9 min drive - 6.7km) - 703 Route d'Uzes Prolongee, 30500 Saint-Ambroix  +33 (0)4 66 24 32 03

Guinguette de la Lecque (14 min drive - 8.2 km) - La Boudene, 30160 Bordezac  +33 (0)4 66 25 18 99