"  Villa Du Castel"

At the border of the "Cevennes"and the "Georges de l'Ardeche"


"Saint Ambroix" market every Tuesdays, not to miss!

"Saint Ambroix" is only 4km away from "Villa du Castel". Every Tuesday, all local amazing products are displayed and waiting for you. My favorite market, in all seasons.

All markets start at 09:00 and ends around 13:00.
It is recommended to go early as parking is always an issue in those beautiful old villages...

More markets around Meyrannes:

Monday:  Méjannes Le Clap, Alès (all day long), St Paul le Jeune 

Tuesday:  Saint Ambroix (!!!)

Wednesday:  Gagnières, Goudargues, La Grand'Combe, Alès, Uzès, Joyeuse

Thursday:  Bessèges, Rochegude (from 17h to 20h), Aiguèze, Alès, Anduze, Vallon Pont d'arc 

Friday:  Barjac, Molières sur Cèze, Ruoms, St Paul le Jeune 

Saturday:  La Grand'Combe, Pont Saint Esprit,Uzès

Sunday:  Bessèges, St Jean de Maruejols, Chamborigaud, Ruoms

Night markets:
Monday: Barjac

Tuesday: Anduze, Les Vans, Vallon Pont d'Arc 

Wednesday: Alès, Pont St Esprit, Ruoms 

Thursday: Nîmes, St Jean du Gard

Friday: St Martin d'Ardèche, Largentière 

Sunday: Grospierres, Joyeuse